Addiction And Recovery

An addiction is a chronic disorder in which an individual is blinded by a substance, or engages in an activity, that gives them an immense amount of pleasure but has become detrimental to their everyday life. Compulsive behaviors and addictions can temporarily provide confidence, control, validation or other emotions lacking in one’s life, but the behavior may not stop until the root of the problem is addressed.

Addiction changes the brain through the limbic system, also known as the “brain reward system.” This part of the brain is responsible for producing feelings of pleasure and will manifest thoughts such as, “I deserve this,” or “Let’s do that again.” The abuse of addictive substances and behaviors triggers this system which can prolong a continuous cycle of destructive behavior.

Common addictions include but are not limited to:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Gambling
  • Internet
  • Shopping
  • Food

Seek Professional Assistance

People who have developed an addiction may be unaware that it is out of control, which is why counseling is an essential part of working through and managing this condition. An addiction of any sort can be exhausting and one should never go through the recovery process alone.

Many treatment plans focus on talk therapy and behavior therapy and can be performed in a group or through one-on-one sessions. During these sessions, patients analyze the reasons behind their addiction(s), what triggers are and what helped them control impulses in the past. Patients also learn coping skills so they can manage the compulsions without relapsing.

Individualized Services

Wellness Place, LLC provides individualized addition treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders. The Wellness Place provides a variety of services for a variety of substance use situations.

 Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services are available to individuals who are experiencing difficulties with alcohol, drug and/or other substances.  Wellness Place’s therapists will complete an assessment specific to determining the appropriate and individualized treatment needs of the patient, which can include individual, group, intensive outpatient, targeted case management, drug screening, 12 step work and/or group participation. If needed,  referral to Medication Assisted or residential treatment may occur.  


Non-Opioid, Outpatient SUD Services   

Wellness Place offers treatment for Non-opioid, outpatient SUD services. Services are provided by clinicians with valid Kentucky licensure to treat Substance Use Disorders. Individuals with Substance Use Disorders frequently benefit from treatment that incorporates services from a licensed professional and those of a 12-step program/group. Wellness Place strives to individually assess all patients/clients to determine the specific services that may be needed on a individualized basis. Assessments may include psycho-social history, substance use screeners, SIBERT,  and/or urinary drug screens (UDS).  The results of these assessments lead to the development of  individualized, client centered treatment plans to address all factors that may impact the patients’ use and wellbeing. Therapists may identify the need for any service that may support the patient/client, including those provided by Wellness Place, LLC. Wellness Place strives to support each patient’s/client’s goals toward living a productive life free from being controlled by substance use.

Substance Use Disorder Services offered at the Wellness Place:

1. Individual SUD Co-occurring Outpatient Therapy

       - Motivational Interviewing

       - Coping Skill Development

       - Cognitive–Behavioral. Therapy

       - EMDR Therapy for SUD

       - 12– step based approach

       - Relapse Prevention—therapy exploring issues that may increase risk of SUD use

       - Aftercare Support/Therapy

2. Treatment Planning for SUD Concerns

3. SUD Targeted Case Management

4. Alcohol & Drug Screen with Brief Intervention

5. Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment (SIBERT)

6. Urinary Drug Screen Test (UDS)

7. Smoking and Tobacco Cessation

(Group Therapy offered when need is sufficient to support group participation)


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