Telehealth Information

Wellness Place, LLC is proud to we provide HIPPA compliant telehealth services.

To participate in telehealth services, legal and insurance standards must be followed. Therefore, it is recommended that you speak with your therapist about these requirements. It is required that you complete both paperwork to open your chart and a telehealth consent form. This form can be requested from our reception staff at 270-601-4235, [email protected] , or through our reception telehealth platform by clicking here.

Our reception staff will provide these forms and work with you to schedule an intake appointment with a therapist. Once the intake is completed, referral to additional services can be completed.

At least 5 minutes prior to your appointment you should sign into your therapist's waiting room by going to our Wellness Place Waiting Rooms page. Find the name of the therapist you are scheduled to see and click on their name. Follow directions and wait for your clinician to join. Upon connecting, you will need to inform your provider your name, date of birth, and location (regardless of whether or not you have previously provided this information).

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